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Smartlipo - Laser Liposuction

If diet and exercise haven’t given you the shape or results you want, body contouring can help you discover—and re-shape—your “beautiful”.

Today’s body contouring procedures can treat large areas and small problem areas too. Laser-assisted lipolysis melts away fat in trouble spots, like your abdomen, thighs, arms, and neck. The results last longer than other treatments and are less invasive than traditional liposuction or a more invasive procedure such as a facelift.


What To Expect


Laser Lipolysis for the Body and Large Areas

Liposuction introduced the world to body contouring. Now laser-assisted lipolysis takes an amazing concept and makes it even better, from complementing traditional liposuction in large areas to treating targeted trouble spots.


The Benefits of Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipolysis technology offers the versatility to match treatment offerings with patient demand for body contouring, treating cellulite or contouring the lower face and neck.


Laser liposuction may involve less pain, less bruising and swelling. In many cases, local anesthetic is used instead of general anesthesia, so you’re awake during the procedure—which means a faster, easier recovery period than with traditional liposuction.

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